L’impact sociétal sera la clé du succès des néobanques

L’espace des banques mobiles est de plus en plus encombré. Il convient donc de faire le tri entre les modèles qui ont plus de chances de réussir au niveau mondial. Le phénomène de la néobanque (également appelée banque mobile ou banque digitale) continue de prendre de l’ampleur, alors que la pandémie de Covid a eu […]

Industry Spotlight: Insurance at the Inflection Point – Digitization Disruption in the Developed World Meets Massive Emerging Market Growth Opportunity

See our original Medium blogpost here: https://medium.com/@denisbarrier/industry-spotlight-insurance-at-the-inflection-point-digitization-disruption-in-the-developed-c67367e6e58e The global insurance industry is changing rapidly. It’s also a critical component of the global economy with total direct written premiums (DWP) reaching $5.2 trillion in 2018, or 6.1% of global GDP (according to Pitchbook). Naturally, one of the biggest drivers today stems from the repercussions of the […]

Cathay Innovation Ranks #40 on The VCJ 50: Venture Capital’s Heavy Hitters

Venture Capital Journal unveils its debut ranking of the 50 largest venture fundraisers over the past five years. We couldn’t be happier to be included in Venture Capital Journal‘s Top 50 VC list, ranking the 50 largest venture fundraisers over the past 5 years. Founded in 2015, we’re humbled to be joining the ranks of some […]

The Best-Ofs 2020 Cathay Global LP Meeting (2020 Cathay Annual Meeting)

The epidemic is reshaping the global economy and accelerating technological shifts and innovation. Cathay has adapted to the latest events and recast its 2020 Global LP Meeting into two sessions separately held in Shanghai and in Paris, in full respect of sanitary measures. This was the first time in Cathay’s history that the Annual Meeting […]

$550M to Invest in Startups Impacting the World

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve reached a significant milestone in raising €500M ($550M), over our original target, for our second venture capital Fund to invest in visionary entrepreneurs impacting the world through technology. Through Fund II, one of three new funds recently recognized by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance for our commitment to […]

Interview de Mehdi Tahri, Co-fondateur d’iziwork sur Challenges : Iziwork lève 12 millions d’euros pour repenser l’intérim

Mehdi Tahri, ancien de McKinsey et d’Amazon, s’est associé à Alexandre Dardy, ancien d’Alibaba, pour créer une plateforme digitale d’intérim. En un an, elle a séduit 200 grands comptes. Il est l’invité du club entrepreneurs Challenges – Grant Thornton. Source : Challenges : https://www.challenges.fr/club-entrepreneurs/iziwork-leve-12-millions-d-euros-pour-repenser-l-interim_679000 Challenges. Quel était le constat initial derrière Iziwork? Mehdi Tahri. Chaque année, […]

The innovation supply chain: How ideas traverse continents and transform economies (originally Tech Crunch)

This piece originally appeared on Tech Crunch on November 27th 2018.  The innovation supply chain: How ideas traverse continents and transform economies While Westerners often associate the invention of calculus with 17th century European luminaries like Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, its theoretical foundations actually stretch back millennia. Fundamental theorems appear in ancient Egyptian work from […]