Cathay Innovation invests in website and mini-program editor SXL

May 4, 2020

Cathay Innovation invests in website and mini-program editor SXL


Cathay Innovation today announces it led the series A+ funding round of website and mini-program editor SXL, with participation from Cash Capital. As the first Chinese start up incubated by Y Combinator, SXL has launched a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use website and mini-program editor as well as other web products and services. Following this round of financing, the company also released a new product, the “Super Cloud Business Card”.

Since the creation of the company, the R&D team of SXL has been dedicated to helping users from more than 200 countries manage their online platforms. As the first generation of mini-program editor, the company has launched a great variety of mini-program templates over the past year, including for e-commerce, food ordering, reservations, etc., covering all possible types of mini-programs in various industries. SXL is currently at the leading position in terms of number of mini-programs designed compared to its competitors. The company also enjoys a good reputation among its users and has received positive feedbacks from the market.

Official release of the “Super Cloud Business Card” in six major industries

Following the completion of this new round of financing, SXL launched its latest product, the “Super Cloud Business Card”, which is an innovation and breakthrough adding up to their website and mini-program editor. It is in fact the first time that a product combines an electronic business card and sales function in a single mini-program.

The “Super Cloud Business Card” is a smart mini-program that displays products, provides name cards and communicates online without being added to contacts. Not only does it provide entrepreneurs with more accurate promotion and sales models but it also offers data analysis. The AI-driven “Super Cloud Assistant” tracks the behaviors of the card owners in real time, helping sales teams to better understand customers’ intentions.

SXL is very optimistic about the upcoming sales figures of the mini-program. Last November, SXL tested it internally and provided the sales industry with some samples. They found out that despite a fierce competition, other products of this type are too simplistic to really solve issues within the sales industry. They hope to enter the market with a product that really works. After a series of improvements, the “Super Cloud Business Card” was born: it covers sales management in six major industries, including financial services, insurance, automobile, and manufacturing via a mini-program. It aims to help these major industries gaining more costumers.

The CEO of SXL, Mr David CHEN, said: “As a website and mini-program editor, we have accumulated a lot of experience in corporate services and users’ data, which both help us consolidating our current market positions. But this market has just started its warm-up: as of the end of September 2017, mainland China counted nearly 30 million companies, showing that the market capacity is large. This is why every player is on the starting line and the Super Cloud Business Card is just a cut-through. We are confident that we can become the leading player on the corporate services market, through competitive products and excellent marketing capabilities.”

Lanchun DUAN, Managing Partner at Cathay Capital, added: “The mini-program has emerged as a very promising mobile app over the past two years. With its openness and uniqueness, the mini-program has developed rapidly in various fields such as games, e-commerce, tools and services. SXL is catching this trend with the launch of the Super Cloud Business Card mini-program in six major industries which need new sales management solutions to expand their client base. The team has a clear strategy, efficient execution plans, excellent program development capabilities, a genuine international vision and good product realization capabilities. Cathay is very optimistic about the development trend of mini-programs and will use its extensive resources in the consumer retail industry to empower SXL and help the company find more opportunities in corporate services.”

At the 30th August funding round and product release conference, Shifeng DU, Director of Amazon AWS’s Tech Eco-partnership Department, announced that AWS and SXL will carry out a strategic cooperation, that AWS will strongly recommend SXL’s SaaS products to companies and users and that as the fruit of this cooperation, the Super Cloud Business Card will benefit from the core resources of the two parties. AWS’s own brand promotion is also exploring cooperation with the “Super Cloud Business Card”. In addition, SXL launched the “Bajie Cloud Station” in collaboration with its strategic partner Zhubajie to provide its customers with SaaS website and mini-program solutions and to more capacities in the sales of companies.