Investment approach – risk, returns and sustainability

Standardized processes and tools are used to measure, track, and continuously improve the economic, environmental, and social impact of portfolio companies.

Integrating sustainability into every step of the investment cycle


Acquisition phase

Exclusion list
Sustainability Screening
Performed by the investment team

Sustainability due diligence
For certain companies, either at acquisition or within 6 months of investment

Sustainability clause in shareholder agreement
When context allows


Holding period

Annual assessment through the ESG risk assessment, climate screening and impact scoring tools

Annual follow-up review for companies with high ESG risk

Annual reporting of sustainability KPIs

Annual executive-level review of aggregated portfolio sustainability positioning and KPIs

Resource hub available to share best practices



Sustainability performance highlighted

Metric-based performance track record used to highlight sustainability performance at exit or in future fundraising rounds

Ecosystem approach – supporting companies throughout their sustainability journey

Tech-enabled tools covering ESG, climate and impact, are used to provide tailored support for companies to embed responsible, sustainable business practices into operations.

Impact Resource Hub

The Cathay ESG & Impact Resource Hub is an online platform sharing informational content and best practices on a broad range of ESG topics including climate action, human resources, diversity and inclusion, data governance and ethics and more. The Resource Hub is a practical toolbox to help portfolio companies easily and rapidly implement new ESG policies and initiatives.

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