The Babylon Health of pets raises €30m to go west

November 20, 2020

The Swedish vet-on-demand app FirstVet has raised an additional €30m, just one year after its €20m Series B financial round. The goal is to go big in the US.

FirstVet was founded by David Prien and Joakim Widigs in 2016 and has since then expanded to Finland, Norway, Denmark, the UK and recently to Germany. The startup is similar to telemedicine startups like Kry or Babylon Health, however, it only deals with pets.

Telemedicine startups aimed at connecting human beings to their doctors via video link have in many cases reported a near doubling of users during the coronavirus crisis. But many similar startups focused on pets have also been booming due to the crisis.

“We have doubled our total number of active users from 200,000 to 400,000 the last 12 months,” Prien tells Sifted.

“We haven’t used a majority of the capital that we raised a year ago, so our cash position is very strong. However, we have momentum right now and with the ongoing trend, both on a macro and a micro level, we believe now is the time to invest in our expansion,” he says.

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