Cathay Capital launches its insight-sharing platform Cathay Connect & Consult to link corporates and entrepreneurs across continents

May 4, 2020

Paris, 26 February 2020 – Cathay Capital, a leading international investment platform focused on cross-border investment and committed to supporting the international expansion of startups and middle-market companies in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, announces the launch of a new platform, Cathay Connect & Consult platform (C3 Platform), to empower its ecosystem partners and boost growth through networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

The Cathay Connect & Consult platform will carry out three missions:

  • Its first task will be to facilitate regular exchanges among influential CEOs from Asia, Europe, the US, and elsewhere in order to enhance international expansion through insight-sharing and win-win collaboration.
  • Secondly, it will build up relationships between established corporate leaders and promising entrepreneurs, thus clarifying business opportunities for the latter while introducing new technologies and innovative business models to the former.
  • Finally, offers in-depth strategic guidance, CEO coaching, and consulting support for a selective number of portfolio companies

Cathay Connect & Consult will be led by Professor Arthur Yeung, who has an unparalleled experience at the crossroads of the academic, corporate and investment worlds.

Mingpo Cai, Founder and President of Cathay Capital, explained:Cathay Capital is founded upon the core value of usefulness. We create value around the world by being useful to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, LPs, corporates, partners, etc. The efficiency of this ‘ecosystemic’ approach has been demonstrated ever since Cathay’s foundation in 2007. Now, the Cathay Connect & Consult platform will take this business model and its impact to the next level. I am honored that Professor Yeung is joining us and will lead this initiative: his knowledge, experience and strong network will undoubtedly prove helpful to our entrepreneurs right from the start.” 

Arthur Yeung, Co-founder of Cathay Entrepreneurship, Head of Cathay Connect & Consult Platform, added: “In today’s rapidly changing business world, you can either be a disruptor or to be disrupted by someone else. Our role at Cathay Connect & Consult is to leverage our deep relationships among ecosystem partners around the world, trusted friendships with influential CEOs in different industries, and strong expertise in the management and organizational know-how to make sure our portfolio companies emerge as winners during this era of technological disruption and global collaboration. I am looking forward to working closely with Mingpo Cai and the whole Cathay ecosystem to mobilize our resources to support our ecosystem partners in their definition of clear long-term vision, identification of the most promising global growth opportunities, and execution of their strategies.”


Short biography of Arthur Yeung

Arthur is Co-founder of the Cathay Entrepreneurship at Cathay Capital. In this role he discovers, nurtures, and partners with entrepreneurs to build companies that can bring a positive impact. He is also Head of the Cathay Connect & Consult Platform which creates value for Cathay portfolio companies and investors by creating forums to facilitate networking, insight sharing, and business collaboration.

Since 2008, Arthur has been serving as Tencent’s Senior Management Advisor and sit in its Executive Committee. He has played a key role in enhancing business transformation and capability development for both Tencent and its strategic partners in recent years.  He also serves as Dean of TencentX University, an institution offering integrated learning programs for 300+ CEOs from Tencent’s ecosystem. 

As a full-time corporate executive, Arthur also served as Chief HR Officer for the Acer Group from 1998 to 2002, working closely with the top management to radically transform Acer.

Arthur taught at the University of Michigan Business School and China Europe International Business School. He is the author of numerous articles and a dozen of books on organizational transformation, among which “Reinventing the Organization” (published by Harvard Business Review Press and available in multiple languages), “Building Organizational Capability”, and “DNA of Transformation” are among the best-selling management books in China.

About Cathay Capital Group

Cathay Capital Group is a global investment platform specialized in cross-border development with a focus on Northern America, China, Europe and Africa. The group identifies investment opportunities with the potential to impact the world and accompanies portfolio companies in their international expansion through its ecosystem of partners and the local expertise of its close to 90 employees based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Founded in 2007, the Group has completed over 130 buyouts, growth and venture capital investments and manages €3.5 billion in assets (as of 31/12/2019), distributed in a range of investment strategies and vehicles.