November Special: Cathay Capital welcomed Fujian Delegation for a 4-day Business Tour in France

May 4, 2020

#Cross-border cooperation: Cathay Capital welcomed Fujian Delegation for a 4-day Business Tour in France

Cathay Capital had the pleasure of welcoming to France an official delegation from Fujian Province (China) last week for a fruitful four-day business tour.

The delegation from the Provincial Party Committee of Fujian, headed by Mr. Yu Weiguo (Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Fujian), together with representatives from the City government of Quanzhou and from the City Party Committee, headed by Mr. Kang Tao (Secretary of the City Party Committee of Quanzhou), expressed their appreciation for the meaningful business exchanges organized by Cathay Capital with local enterprises and French government officials. As well as for Cathay’s continued role in boosting cross-border investments and the international expansion of Chinese and French companies.

During the intense four-day trip in Paris and Lyon, Cathay’s team arranged several in-depth bilateral exchanges between members of its ecosystem and the Chinese delegation. Cathay Innovation’s Strategic Partner Bio-Mérieux and its CEO, Mr. Alexandre Mérieux warmly welcomed the delegation at their headquarters. The delegation was also received by Mr. Olivier Ginon, President of GL Events and Cathay’s Corporate Partner, and by the French team of Fujian Zongteng Network, one of Cathay’s portfolio companies.

Accompanied by Mr. Mingpo Cai, Founder and President of Cathay Capital, the delegation also participated in the International Transport Exhibition held at the Eurexpo Parc in Lyon where they exchanged with Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France; Mr. Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon and former Minister of the Interior; with the President of Valeo group, Mr. Jacques Aschenbroich; and with Mr. Pascal Lagarde, Executive Director and Head of the Directorate for International, Strategy, Research and Development at Bpifrance.

On November 18, the Fujian Promotion Conference for Trade, Culture and Tourism was held in Paris to facilitate productive exchanges between Cathay’s ecosystem and the representatives, as well as explore opportunities for cooperation. More than 130 representatives from the Chinese embassy in France, Total Group, EDF, Suez Group or Valeo Group participated in the event.

Thanks to this trip arranged by Cathay Capital, Fujian Investment Group signed agreements with Total Group, the international energy giant and Cathay Innovation’s Corporate Partner, for collaborative projects in new energy and advanced technologies.