Resilience raises $25 million to accelerate the deployment of patient remote monitoring in France and internationally

May 21, 2024

  • Resilience, a remote patient care solution in oncology founded in February 2021, aims to define a new approach to patient care and personalize the care pathway.
  • After a €5M financing and a €40M Series A round in 2022, Resilience announces a new $25M fundraising led by Picus Capital and Red River West with the support of its long-standing investors.
  • Due to the rapid adoption ofthe medical remote monitoring in France and the validation of the clinical value of its medical device by the regulatory agency (HAS), Resilience plans to significantly accelerate its deployment both in France and internationally. The company aspires to become the European leader in remote follow-up care for patients with chronic diseases.

Resilience, already deployed in more than 90 medical centers representing over 10,000 patients, offers a remote patient care solution in oncology. Utilizing its remote patient monitoring platform (a class IIa medical device) and a mobile application designed for patients with cancer, the company aims to personalize, humanize, and enhance the care pathway, thereby improving patients’ quality of life. In October 2023, Resilience became the first remote monitoring medical device in oncology to be reimbursed by the national social security in France. The regulatory agency (HAS) recognized its clinical and organizational impact, enabling Resilience to establish itself as a new standard of care for the medical follow-up in oncology.

Expand Remote Monitoring Abroad to Support a Greater Number of Patients

After a first €5M financing in March 2021 and a €40M Series A round in January 2022, Resilience announces a new $25M financing. The fundraising is led by the European investment fund Picus Capital, a global early-stage investor headquartered in Germany, and Red River West, the Growth Capital fund specialized in transatlantic development of European tech companies. Cathay Innovation, a global venture capital fund with a leading track record in digital health, Singular, a French investment fund with strong European ambition and Seaya Ventures, a multisector fund investing in European tech companies, are also participating in this round and put their trust in Resilience once again.

With this new fundraising, Resilience wants to accelerate the deployment of its solution in France and abroad, leveraging the rapid adoption of medical remote monitoring in France and the regulatory agency’s validation of its clinical value.

The company plans to expand its deployment in Belgium, where its solution is already used in three medical centers: Jules Bordet Institute, CHU Saint Pierre and Clinique Saint-Luc Bouge. In January 2024, Resilience also submitted a reimbursement application to the Belgian regulatory agency (INAMI). Using the same clinical and organizational arguments as in France, the company hopes to secure reimbursement from Belgium social security. Additionally, Resilience seeks to expand its development in Germany, where there are 500,000 new cancers each year. (German Centre for Cancer Registry Data, Report 2021).

Céline Lazorthes and Jonathan Benhamou, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Resilience: « Since we founded Resilience, we have always upheld a holistic vision deeply focused on patients and a strong mission to ensure better care. This financing will allow us to extend the positive impacts of remote monitoring, therapeutic education, and supportive care to a greater number of patients in France and abroad. We are proud to have the support of our long-standing investors, joined by two new partners, and to rely on the confidence of the experts and healthcare professionals we work with to improve patient care. »

Advancing Medical Research to Innovate Patient Care Approaches

Since its creation, Resilience has aimed to support medical research with the goal of improving patient quality of life and overall survival. By analyzing qualitative and structured real-world data collected from users of its medical device and organized in its data warehouse, the company hopes to aid clinical research in better understanding each patient, thereby offering unique pathways and providing appropriate care at the right time. Resilience currently has 19 ongoing clinical studies and is involved in multicentric studies led with or by partner centers. The company collaborates with academic and industrial partners and participates in two European projects: ‘CARE1’, a major program coordinated by Gustave Roussy focused on pragmatic clinical trials aimed at improving first-line treatment for patients with metastatic kidney cancer, and the innovative project ‘e-Quol’, which aims to develop a digital companion tailored to patients’ needs to promote equality in quality of life for children, adolescents, and young adult cancer survivors in Europe. Resilience will also present several abstracts on remote monitoring in real-word settings, determinants of health, and digital supportive care at various congresses this year, including ASCO, EHA, BSMO, AFSOS, and MASCC.



About Resilience
Resilience offers a comprehensive Remote Patient Care solution dedicated to cancer patients and healthcare professionals. Combining a mobile application with Remote Patient Monitoring platform, Resilience ensures better care by personalizing, humanizing, and improving the care pathway. The mobile application supports individuals affected by cancer in managing treatment- elated side effects and fostering self-care. Meanwhile, the Remote Patient Monitoring platform, a Class IIa medical device, enables healthcare professionals to better understand and improve patient care. Founded in February 2021 by Céline Lazorthes and Jonathan Benhamou, Resilience was co-founded with Gustave Roussy, the leading cancer center in Europe. The company partners with more than 90 centers and supports over 10,000 patients. 

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