ZenBusiness snags $55M Series B for its incorporation and growth platform for micro businesses

November 19, 2020
North America

Starting a small company used to be simple. Get some space on Main Street, put out a shingle, and begin plying your trade. Then the regulatory state came, and so did the internet. Now, entrepreneurs have to apply for licenses — sometimes multiple licenses in multiple states — and also handle all the intricacies of building a fully-online digital presence.

“There are products that will help you incorporate, some others that will help you with regulatory burdens, and a whole swath of no-code website builders that will try to find you a unique niche in the digital cosmos. Yet, precious few platforms fully integrate these services in one place and centralize them around the entrepreneur.

ZenBusiness has tried to do all that — and even more — over the past few years. Ross Buhrdorf, who formerly founded HomeAway, started the company to make it easier to start businesses. Along the way, I’ve covered the company’s $4.5 million seed in 2018 and $15 million Series A last year, and now the company has a blockbuster Series B to announce today.”

To see the entire article, please go to : https://techcrunch.com/2020/11/19/zenbusiness-series-b/