Bruno Bézard joins Cathay Capital

May 4, 2020


Bruno Bézard is joining Cathay Capital Private Equity as part of an entrepreneurial project in order to build within the Cathay platform a new investment vehicle designed to finance European and Asian companies through equity.

“I have decided to join Cathay Capital, whose values, culture and team are perfectly suited to my project, and whose founder, Mingpo Cai, with his partners, has been kind enough to place full trust in me. In this way, I hope to continue, in a new context, to serve our country, its companies and entrepreneurs,” Bruno Bézard states.


For Mingo Cai, President of Cathay Capital: “We are honored by the choice of Bruno Bézard to partner with Cathay Capital’s unique platform in order to develop an entrepreneurial project with us. The fundamental value of Cathay is to serve entrepreneurs looking to grow beyond their domestic borders. Within our ecosystem, Bruno will help to strengthen this essential value of usefulness for our French companies in their quest to enhance their international scope.”


Short Biography of Bruno Bézard

Inspector General of Finance and an alumnus of the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale d’Administration, Bruno Bézard served as a finance inspector at the French Inspectorate General of Finance from 1988 to 1992. He subsequently held various positions at the Treasury Department until January 2000. Successively Deputy Chief of Staff for the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, sub-Director in the Treasury Department for development assistance, multilateral banks and emerging countries and Vice-Chairman of the Club de Paris, he went on to serve as Economic and Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister from mid-2001 to April 2002. From July 2002 to March 2003, he was Head of the Equity Investments Department at the Treasury Department before being appointed Deputy Managing Director of the French State

Shareholding Agency (APE) in March 2003 and then its Managing Director in February 2007. From September 2010 to August 2012, Bruno Bézard worked at the French Embassy in China, where he headed the Greater China Regional Economic Department. In August 2012, he was named Director of Public Finances, before being named Managing Director of the Treasury in July 2014. He will join Cathay Capital as Managing Partner early July 2016.



Press Contact

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