Cathay Capital Invests in ABS

May 4, 2020

Cathay Capital recently announced that it has made an investment in ABS through its Sino French SME Fund. ABS is a leading home furnishings product retailer in China, with the brand concept of “creating a comfortable home atmosphere as well as warm relationships between each other”. The company aims to provide consumers with high-quality and cost-effective home furnishing products and services, so as to cultivate closer relationships between family members.


ABS was created in 2009. Due to its differentiated brand concept and innovative omni-channel retailing model, the company has become a leader in China’s home furnishings market, which is showing increasing market capacity and significant growth potential. Since the creation of the business, ABS has used highly effective data-driven operation management and self-developed information systems. Through its enterprise resource planning, WMS systems, supply chain management systems and customer relationship management systems, ABS has implemented intelligent operations with simultaneous online and offline marketing, and improved its supply chain management capacity. In addition, its self-developed marketing system enables ABS to connect with its final users directly and collect clients’ data through retail omni-channels, thereby establishing a membership database and enabling it to carry out accurate marketing promotions through database marketing. This method also improves clients’ loyalty and helps to implement O2O intelligent operations through the successful deployment of a data-driven business model.


Following the six-year growth period since its founding, ABS has developed from a tele and catalogue selling model, whose clients were partially B-to-B purchasing companies, to an omni-channel and direct sale model with the integration of an online retailing mall, offline brand stores and mobile apps. In 2016, the company achieved significant breakthroughs in several areas, including product sales, channel development, service methods and the number and size of its stores, providing millions of Chinese families with improved products, cheaper prices and outstanding services. 


Mingpo Cai, President of Cathay Capital, comments, “ABS stands out among the numerous other domestic home furnishing companies in China because it has established an innovative data-based development model and an omni-channel retail system. By leveraging our rich experience and resources in the home furnishing industry in both China and France, we will partner with ABS and assist its cross-border development in terms of product development and design, product category expansion, and supply chain and channel optimisation.”


Minn Liu, founder and CEO of ABS, welcomes the investment from Cathay Capital Sino French Fund. She declared, “Cathay has strong experience and extensive resources in the Chinese and French home furnishing sectors. We believe the synergy effect deriving from this will help consolidate our leading industry position, improve the quality of our management structure and assist in our overseas market expansion.”